Arthur Jacobs was born in Seal Cove and returned to Mount Desert Island with his wife Kate after he attended Newbury Culinary College in Massachusetts. Together, Arthur and Kate opened Little Notch Bakery in 1993 and Little Notch Café in 1996. The Bakery is committed to making artisan bread and pastries with wholesome and delicious ingredients. All of the baked goods are made completely from scratch. Little Notch wholesales its bread to many grocery stores in Bangor and down the coast of Maine. The Café serves as a retail location for Little Notch's baked goods and serves traditional Italian-American foods. The Café's renowned pizzas feature dough made in the Bakery and all of the Café's sandwiches are served on Little Notch bread. Arthur and Kate enjoy supplying their community with delicious food ranging from hearth-baked pizzas to bittersweet chocolate brownies.

340 Main Street

Southwest Harbor, ME

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